Enterprise class app

Simple and Accessible

We have learned a lot from our 10 years of experience working on business management apps and we tried to bring all that expertise to QManager. Above all this we are using QManager to manage some of our own businesses and we have seen things from the clients perspective as well. The application is running for our custom installation clients for many years now and seeing how much it helped them we decided to launch the new engine as an online service.
We are going to offer some of the basic functionallity for free so that you cand use it as long as you want.
Keep coming to this website to find out when we are ready to give you access to the application and to check out the features that you have been missing out on.
Just to give you a little teaser, here are some of the things you will be able to do with QManager:
- keep track of all the products you are selling. We mean everything, from simple accesories, computer components to food products, you can keep an invetory of it, you can scan barcodes you can add recepies and a lot more.
- track your time so that you will be able to give your customers detailed invoices.
- manage supplier offers, automatic imports from files or feeds, automatic product recognition and a lot of price rules :)
- manage your clients and contacts
- manage your invoices (the ones that you give to your clients and the ones that come from your suppliers)
- manage payments
- connect with different systems like an asterisk PBX to get your calls in QManager
- organize your tasks better with the integrated task management system that is connected to all the modules.